Beautifully Designed Sports Watches

Available in 3 Sizes


Sapphire Crystal Screen

Second only to diamond in hardness. Extremely scratch resistant (can only be scratched by diamond)


Made of environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable. At the end of your watch's life cycle, please mail it to us, so we can reuse / recycle it for you

Water Resistant

Water resistant up to 160 ft. 5 ATM

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Our Watches, Your Wrist

For the everyday adventurer


  • I love the way the watch feels. I never take it off - I even take it in the shower. The strap is extremely comfortable and you will forget you're wearing it, until you NEED it, which is why it is perfect.

  • The colors are so fun/cute, and I like that it doesn't track steps. When I workout, I like to do timed workouts. Before, I used to have a fitness tracking watch, and it was creating unhealthy behaviors. The small fits me perfectly, and my boyfriend loves his medium watch.

  • I did not wear a watch until I started wearing a Wallace White. I like the classic appeal of a digital watch, but I never found a good looking sports watch! The design is incredible! The clasp on the strap is so cool and everything about the look of the watch is sleek.